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Updated: Feb 20

Hi everyone!

Thanks for joining! I thought I'd take some time to introduce myself and talk a little bit about the creation process and ideas behind Wafflerita- Walking Waffles.

My name is Tawnya and I am the owner and creator of the "Wafflerita" : a sweet or savory stuffed waffle on a stick. I was born in the Pacific Northwest, grew up in Bend, Oregon but spent most of my young adulthood living in Mexico, and a little over a year traveling around Western Europe. I am currently living my best life with my best friend and boyfriend in Denver, Colorado.

I met my boyfriend while I was living in Playa del Carmen, Mexico in 2013. Shortly after we started dating and knew it was something special we decided to take a 3 month trip around Southeast Asia with my sister and her boyfriend. Talk about getting to know someone really well, really fast! I think long term traveling as a couple is the best way to really see someone's character. There are so many variables! Good things happen, bad things happen, traveling always keeps you on your toes! Throughout the markets in Thailand we saw a yummy pastry type of dessert that was on a stick. We have found that anything served on a stick is delicious and is definitely worth trying. They were mouth watering. They tasted sweet like a doughnut but with pancake like texture and dusted with powdered sugar. We were pretty impressed by these little treats and to be honest, the machine too! So we put our entrepreneurial minds and hungry bellies to work and started thinking how we were going to get those machines all the way back across the Pacific Ocean to Mexico. And also, how we can put our multi- cultural flare on them to make them different and to taste that much better. So we decided to stuff them! I have a sweet tooth, and my boyfriend loves savory and spice so we created both! It took almost a year and at least a million tastes to master the current Wafflerita.

I found a food cart manufacturer in Mexico City and had the Wafflerita Cart designed specifically for my needs. It was small, easy to move and has just enough room for me inside. We went through the crazy legal process to get a foreigner ( I am from the US) able to own and operate a business in Mexico. After many meetings and signatures I was up and running as a waffle food cart. I started in a food truck lot in downtown Cancun. I had a cute little space with 4 tables and chairs and a beautiful tree that I hung colorful lights from. I had one employee and during the day we would move the cart for private events like birthdays and at night we would be back at our normal location to feed all of our regulars. We had a very successful 3 years operating in Mexico but my boyfriend and I decided to move back to the United States. I wasn't ready to give up my "baby" so we decided to have the cart shipped from Cancun to Miami and then moved by truck from Miami to Denver, Colorado. We are now happily living in Denver! We now are a full time catering company that specializes in corporate and private events.


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