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It hasn't always been easy..

It has not been the smoothest road, I have faced many challenges with introducing a brand new concept to two different markets, nobody knew what a stuffed waffle on a stick was. So I had to show them. I had to restructure the traditional concept of a waffle because many people associate waffles for a breakfast food only, so I introduced the Pizza Waffle. Which is a waffle stuffed with pepperoni, mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce. I have also had to adjust my ingredients based on the demographics of the people I am serving. For example, while operating in Mexico I tailored my waffles to the local palette, which meant adding some spice. While here in the US not many people were a fan of the spice, but I got a lot of requests for bacon. So now I have bacon on my menu. It's constant research and development to tailor the perfect waffle to my clients.


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